• An open letter to #Tesla and #Google on driverless cars | TechCrunch

    Here is my brutal truth to the great minds of Tesla and Google: You don’t have the assets or human power to create a driverless society on your own. The software algorithms required for driverless cars will never be complete and will involve constant maintenance; therefore, you will need to move to an open data and open source community in order to achieve the goal of the driverless society.

    We are already beginning to see this conundrum emerge in the auto industry. For example, Google and Fiat Chrysler recently released a self-driving car partnership, but confessed they were unsure who actually owned the driverless car data.
    It’s about safety
    I am a capitalist and a believer in corporations and intellectual property rights. However, in this area I am torn with my own rationalization of the future of a driverless world. I will probably not live long enough to see a driverless society, as I believe the feat to be bigger than a few impressive corporations.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want you to succeed! Society needs you to succeed. I have lost many friends to automobile accidents and have been in a serious one myself. If an algorithm had been in control, these people may be alive today. What you are doing is critical to our society. Please think differently and not with greed or ego.