• Facility for Refugees in Turkey : €47 million to strengthen migration management and to support education of Syrian refugees

    The Commission delivers on its commitment to speed up the implementation of the Facility announcing €20 million to increase the capacity of the Turkish Coast Guard and €27 million to facilitate refugees’ access to education. The total amount contracted under the Facility is now close to €240 million


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    Commentaire reçu via la liste Migreurop :

    The EU will provide Turkish coastguards with more capacity to both save lives and tackle irregular migration.
    Let’s see which of these missions will be the priority at sea, given that in the same circumstances it has been seen that arresting people travelling to Europe has always been prioritised, and not search and rescue operations (Frontex and Triton operation in Western Mediterranean, for example).
    Many deaths could be avoided if search and rescue operations were the priority, given that people avoid the ones who arrest them. Strenghtening capacity for controlling will lead to more dangerous roads, again.