• Bothered by Noise? Try Being a Bat - Facts So Romantic

    Human noise is a rising global pollutant. Urbanization, road networks, and energy extraction infrastructure are all widespread and expanding sources of acoustic waste. In the contiguous 48 states today, to take just one illustration, nearly 4 million miles of road cover the country; as a result, no area is more than 21 miles from a potential vehicle rumbling down one. All this noise doesn’t go unnoticed by our non-human brethren. Some birds and frogs, for example, have (perhaps grudgingly) resorted to adjusting the pitch of their calls to avoid overlap with human-generated sounds; males of several bird species have found that they need to sing louder, less complex songs in noisy urban environments, lest their mating calls be muffled; and still others have been forced to change the time (...)