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    After a group of mysterious hackers claimed to have broken into the NSA and posted a portion of its stolen code, security researchers were left with a pressing, vexing question: Was the material released by the so-called “Shadow Brokers” actually from the NSA?

    The answer appears to be yes. On Tuesday, researchers at Kaspersky, the Russian cybersecurity firm, said their analysis of the Shadow Brokers’ code found a trail of digital breadcrumbs that leads straight back to the NSA.

    The Shadow Brokers claim to have broken into the systems of hackers known as the #Equation_Group. That group was first identified in a Kaspersky report released last year. While Kaspersky’s report tied the Equation Group to operations carried out by U.S. intelligence, it did not definitely identify the group as an NSA outfit. Kaspersky said the group “surpasses anything known in terms of complexity and sophistication of techniques.

    Security researchers say privately that the Equation Group is all but certainly a project of the NSA.

    In a highly technical analysis, Kaspersky documented how the code released by the Shadow Brokers includes an unusual system for encrypting data. That encryption scheme has only been seen previously in code associated with the NSA, and led its researches to “believe with a high degree of confidence that the tools from the Shadow Brokers leak are related to the malware from the Equation Group.

    • The Equation Giveaway - Securelist
      (consulté dans le cache de gg)

      August 13, 2016 saw the beginning of a truly bizarre episode. A new identity going under the name ‘ShadowBrokers’ came onto the scene claiming to possess files belonging to the apex predator of the APT world, the Equation Group [PDF]. In their initial leak, the ShadowBrokers claimed the archive was related to the Equation group, however, they didn’t provide any technical details on the connections.

      Along with some non-native rants against ‘Wealthy Elites’, the ShadowBrokers provided links to two PGP-encrypted archives. The first was provided for free as a presumptive show of good faith, the second remains encrypted at the time of writing. The passphrase is being ‘auctioned’, but having set the price at 1 million BTC (or 1/15th of the total amount of bitcoin in circulation), we consider this to be optimistic at best, if not ridiculous at face value.

      The first archive contains close to 300MBs of firewall exploits, tools, and scripts under cryptonyms like BANANAUSURPER, BLATSTING, and BUZZDIRECTION. Most files are at least three years old, with change entries pointing to August 2013 the newest timestamp dating to October 2013.

      As researchers continue to feast on the release, some have already begun to test the functional capabilities of the exploits with good results.

      Having originally uncovered the Equation group in February 2015, we’ve taken a look at the newly released files to check for any connections with the known toolsets used by Equation, such as EQUATIONDRUG, DOUBLEFANTASY, GRAYFISH and FANNY.

      While we cannot surmise the attacker’s identity or motivation nor where or how this pilfered trove came to be, we can state that several hundred tools from the leak share a strong connection with our previous findings from the Equation group.