• Latvia urged to ratify the Istanbul Convention as soon as possible

    Latvia has signed the Istanbul Convention. However, it is necessary to ratify the convention as soon as possible, said EU Council’s Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muiznieks at a press-conference on Friday, 9 September.

    Muiznieks said discussions of this topic have had to deal with false and misleading information.

    «This convention is not against family values. Violence against women is violence aimed against family values. Latvia’s legislation is already largely in line with the convention’s requirements,» – said the commissioner, adding that the level of comprehension on such matters is very high among police officers.

    Muiznieks also admitted that the ratification of the convention will help with receiving opinions from experts on the side, review Latvia’s policy and exact improvements to it.

    «Most importantly, it would be a good political signal: that violence against women is unacceptable,» – added Muiznieks.


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