• Meet Leaflet 1.0. - Leaflet - a JavaScript library for interactive maps

    Today marks the final release of #Leaflet 1.0. It’s a culmination of several years of work by dozens of contributors from all over the world. This is the fastest, most stable and polished Leaflet release ever.

    The changelog contains over 400 changes compared to the previous stable, v0.7.7. The highlights include:

    – Huge performance improvements in all aspects of the library and vector layers in particular.
    – New L.Tooltip class for all your dynamic labeling needs.
    – Flyover animations (zooming and panning in a curve with map.flyTo).
    – Fractional zoom level support (map.setZoom(12.34)).
    – Much better tile loading algorithm with less flickering.
    – Custom pane management (including multiple vector layer panes and interleaving vectors and tile layers).
    – Better support for non-standard projections.
    – More accessibility features.
    – Vastly improved documentation.
    – Tons of bugfixes and stability improvements.


    Starting with 1.0, we’re switching to a fast release cycle, where a new version will come out every 2–4 weeks. We’ll also prefer many small, incremental changes (with releases in between) over ambitious rewriting quests.