• When Secrets Aren’t Safe With Journalists
    A propos de la méconnaissance des techniques de base chez les journalistes en terme de sécurité informatique (voire des pratiques dangereuses pour leurs interlocuteurs). Ce qui est valable pour les journalistes l’est également pour les activistes. En attendant, les hacktivistes ont plus que jamais un grand rôle à jouer sur la sortie d’infos dans la presse, alternative ou pas.

    Brave journalists have defied court orders and have even been jailed rather than compromise their ethical duty to protect sources. But as governments increasingly record their citizens’ every communication — even wiretapping journalists and searching their computers — the safety of anonymous sources will depend not only on journalists’ ethics, but on their computer skills.

    Sadly, operational computer security is still not taught in most journalism schools, and poor data security practices remain widespread in news organizations. Confidential information is sent over regular phone lines and via text messages and e-mail, all of which are easy to intercept. Few journalists use secure-communication tools, even ones that are widely available and easy to use.