• Why is Azerbaijan hosting a Hanukkah party at Trump Hotel ?

    Pourquoi ces deux pays s’apprecient-ils autant ?

    Parce que #Israel dispose en #Azerbaidjan de bases militaires proches de l’#Iran,

    According to a report Tuesday in on the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs website, Iranian suspicions “are focused on the reports that from time to time emerge in the media” that reveal “the Mossad is using Azerbaijan as a forward base for collecting intelligence about Iran and in particular about its nuclear program.”

    In 2012, a detailed story, “Israel’s Secret Staging Ground” in Foreign Policy described how, through a series of “understandings” Israel had access to four abandoned Soviet air bases located in Azerbaijan on the Iranian border in case it decided to attack.

    Parce que, en échange, le lobby pro-israélien des #États-Unis intercède en faveur du dictateur azerbaidjanais,

    It is an unspoken, but commonly acknowledged reality that many countries nurture their relationship to Israel in hopes of finding favor with influential American Jewish organizations who will in turn speak well of them to the U.S. government.