• #TagUI is a general purpose tool for #automating web #interactions

    The goal of web automation is to reproduce cognitive interactions that you have with websites so that your laptop or server can do it for you, base on your schedule or conditions. TagUI helps you rapidly automate your repetitive or time-critical tasks - use cases include process automation, data acquisition and testing of web apps.

    – automate Chrome, Firefox, PhantomJS
    – unzip and run on macOS, Linux, Windows
    – natural language with JavaScript support
    – Chrome extension for recording steps
    – object repositories / flexible datatables
    – intelligent XPath/CSS element selector
    – visual automation of website and desktop
    – live mode to try steps or code in real-time
    – option to auto-upload run results online
    – run by schedule, command line, API URL
    – advanced outgoing API calls to webservices


    TagUI has built-in integration with Sikuli (base on OpenCV) to allow identifying web elements and desktop user interface elements for interaction.