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  • Nuber – The End of Uber and Central Authority - Shelly Palmer

    Da ist er wieder, der (inzwischen) alte Traum vom Internet als dem großen Gleichmacher. Jeder verbindet sich mit jedem und jeder und schon agiert die unsichtbare Hand perfekt dank gegen null gesunkener Transaktionskosten.

    Dieses Mal soll es die Blockchain bringen. Das Ende vom Lied erwähnt der Autor auch: Das neue egalitäre Nuber wird vom Mega-Uber weggeklagt und ausgemerzt wie die kleinen Siedler durch die Landbarone im wilden Westen.

    So wird das nix, kein Weg führt daran vorbei, den Megamonopolisten und ihren Spießgesellen solide Fesseln anzulegen, oder sie ganz aus dem Rennen zu werfen. Wer das kann, ist die eigentliche Frage.

    At Nuber, a licensed ride-sharing service driver (an individual with a local business license, a commercial driver’s license, and the required insurance) could be summoned through a meta-ride-sharing app and paid directly with no central authority such as Uber, Lyft, or Didi Chuxing. There would be no middleman, just you and a licensed, customer-reviewed driver. Nuber would work exactly like Uber, but all the value captured by Uber would be recaptured by the drivers. Great for the drivers, not so great for the central authority, Uber.
    imagine if you had software on your smartphone that would do some quick math (optimal stopping or multi-armed bandit calculations) to determine which offer was best for you at the moment you were in the market. How different would the sharing economy be if everything you wanted to share was offered in a giant real-time auction with no middleman, no central authority, just a free market based on supply and demand?
    Blockchain is about to transition from a potentially valuable technology to a revenue-generating technology. This will occur as the hundreds of startups working with blockchain and smart contracts (contracts that digitally report whether or not their conditions have been met) start to bring their solutions to market this year.

    The only things standing in the way of the new Nuber are a few motivated individuals, a GitHub account, and enough chocolate-covered coffee beans to keep the teams awake while they work on it. Which is the whole point. There’s basically nothing standing in the way of this new approach to economic equality. Is this really the end of Uber? Probably not. Nuber is just an idea (and a trademark infringement lawsuit waiting to happen). But it will be exciting to see how trusted, decentralized network technologies change the world.

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