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  • With Disney’s Move to Streaming, a New Era Begins - The New York Times

    LOS ANGELES — Disney set off a sonic boom in Hollywood by unveiling plans to start two Netflix-style services: For the first time in the streaming age, the world’s largest media company had decided that embracing a new business model was more important than clinging to its existing one.

    Disney’s decision to better align itself with consumer trends — deemed “a rare and impressive pivot” by RBC Capital Markets — instantly reverberated through the entertainment industry. Disney’s cable channels, which include ESPN, have long been seen as the reason many viewers were refraining from cutting the cord entirely. If Disney was going all in on streaming, the impact would be felt by almost every television company and cable operator.

    And would viewers who want to eschew traditional cable subscriptions eventually find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of streaming services they would need to cobble together to watch what they wanted to watch?

    Qui a dit que la Bourse permettait l’innovation ?

    Underscoring the uncertainty, Disney’s shares declined by more than 4 percent on Wednesday, to $102.83. The company reported a 9 percent decline in quarterly profit on Tuesday, which may have led to the sell-off. Wider weakness in financial markets did not help.

    Disney investors may also be worried about the enormous spending it will take to build two streaming services. Some might have been underwhelmed by the company’s plans or might have thought that the decision came much too late.

    Children’s programming, an obvious strength for Disney, has proved especially important for streaming services. Amazon last year acquired a significant amount of PBS’s library of original series to exclusively stream on its service, and Netflix has said it expects to have 75 original children’s programs by the end of next year.
    Disney’s announcement had an immediate impact on Netflix, as the news media raced to pit the two companies against each other, and some investors worried about Disney taking back its movies. (Starting in late 2019, new-release Disney and Pixar films will move to Disney’s entertainment-focused streaming service.) On Wednesday, Netflix shares declined 1.5 percent, to $175.78.

    L’avenir est-il à l’extension sur toute la chaîne de valeur (vectorialisme) ? Maéis comment l’usager va-t-il s’y retrouver ? La balkanisation de l’internet va s’accentuer.

    Notably, Netflix has been building up a huge original movie operation, including spending the $90 million “Bright,” a forthcoming Will Smith movie. Netflix plans to start making as many as 50 of its own movies annually.

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