• Afghanistan: Situation of young male ‘Westernised’ returnees to Kabul

    Endorsed and peer-reviewed by the Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) and the Dutch Council for Refugees, Asylos has compiled a new COI research report on the situation of young male ‘Westernised’ returnees to Kabul, Afghanistan. This report was compiled to meet an increased demand by legal representatives who are representing young Afghan asylum seekers in Europe. These asylum seekers have spent their teenage years in Europe and are denied a new form of protection after turning 18 on the basis that the security situation in Afghanistan has improved and that return to or internal relocation to Kabul will be both reasonable and relevant. Our report serves to counterbalance a general lack of understanding and lack of country information about the relevant issues at stake and contribute with this report to a more informed debate about the situation of young ‘Westernised’ returnees to Afghanistan. It is also intended as a tool to assist legal practitioners and to help ensure that decision-makers consider all relevant material.


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    • Les gouvernements européens renvoient près de 10000 Afghans dans leur pays, où ils risquent d’être torturés et tués

      Les États européens mettent en danger des milliers d’Afghans, en les renvoyant de force dans un pays où ils courent un risque considérable d’être torturés, enlevés, tués ou soumis à d’autres atteintes aux droits humains, écrit Amnesty International dans un nouveau #rapport publié jeudi 5 octobre.



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      Afghanistan : Retour forcé vers l’insécurité : L’Europe renvoie des demandeurs d’asile en Afghanistan

    • Why Deportation to Afghanistan is Wrong

      Since the first week of August, hundreds of young Afghan asylum seekers have been holding a sit-down protest against deportation in central Stockholm. The protest is staged on the stairs of Meborgarhuset (the citizen hall) in Medborgarplatsen (citizen’s square). While the spatial connotation cannot be missed, the form of the protest could not be more expressive.


    • From Europe to Afghanistan: Experiences of child returnees

      This report assesses the impact on children of being returned from Europe to Afghanistan. Through interviews with individual children, their parents or guardians, and with governmental and non-governmental actors, it builds a picture of children’s material, physical, legal and psychosocial safety during the returns process. Returns processes implemented by EU member states and Norway are examined to analyse where European governments are failing to provide appropriate support.

      The results are disturbing: nearly three-quarters of the children interviewed did not feel safe during the returns process. Over half reported instances of violence and coercion and nearly half arrived in Afghanistan alone or were escorted by police. On arrival, the children received little or no support, and only three had a specific reintegration plan. While 45 children had attended school in Europe, only 16 were attending school in Afghanistan. Ten children said attempts had been made to recruit them to commit violent acts, while many others spoke of discrimination, insecurity and sadness. Of the 53 children who completed questionnaires, only ten neither wish nor expect to re-migrate in the next year. Clearly, the processes and support necessary to ensure sustainable returns for children are not in place.

      Evidence collected through this research also forms the basis of specific recommendations to European governments that are currently returning children and young people to an unsafe environment and unsustainable futures. It urges the EU and Norwegian governments to halt the return of children to Afghanistan until the security situation has improved and all the necessary safeguards are in place to ensure that children’s rights, as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) are respected.


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