• IMO Issues New Warning on Bauxite Cargoes – gCaptain

    According to their report, the group found that certain forms of bauxite with a large proportion of smaller particles could be subject to a newly-identified phenomenon of “dynamic separation” when there is excess moisture in the cargo.

    In such conditions, a liquid slurry (water and fine solids) can form above the solid material, according to the report. The resulting free surface effect of liquid “sloshing about” could significantly affect the vessel’s stability, leading to the risk of the ship capsizing.
    The circular requests that extreme care and appropriate action be taken, taking into account the provisions of relevant IMO instruments, when handling and carrying bauxite in bulk.

    Ah, ben c’est pas cool, dans certaines conditions d’humidité, une partie de la bauxite transportée en vrac (ses conditions habituelles de transport) peut se liquéfier. Se créent ainsi les conditions de #carène_liquide qui rend le navire instable et peut provoquer un chavirement.

    C’est ce qui est arrivé au MV Bulk Jupiter

    MV Bulk Jupiter. Photo credit : Gearbulk

    In 2015, the Bahamas-flagged MV Bulk Jupiter unexpectedly sank off the coast of Vietnam while transporting 46,000 metric tons of bauxite loaded in Malaysia. All but one of the ship’s 19 crew members were lost in the accident.