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  • US fire death toll in 2017 reaches 2,152 - World Socialist Web Site

    As the holidays approach there has been a heart wrenching increase in fire deaths of children, highlighting the deplorable housing conditions and systemic poverty within the US. The US Fire Administration (USFA) collects information on civilian casualties due to fire and reports that as of this writing, 2152 people have lost their lives in fires. The prior year’s total was 2,290.

    The three states most impacted in November were Texas, with 21 lives lost, Illinois with 16, and California losing 14. Texas had the most fatalities for all of 2016 - 132. The state’s toll stands at 126 thus far in 2017.

    The house fire crisis disproportionately impacts the working class, which faces substandard housing conditions, as well as declining living standards.

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