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  • Potato Towers - History of an Internet Phenomenon - Cultivariable

    Before we go any further, I want to clarify exactly what I mean by “doesn’t work.” I always get some angry responses when I claim that towers don’t work. I am not saying that you can’t grow potatoes in a tower or even that you can’t get good yields in a tower. I am saying that you won’t get better results with a tower than you can obtain under similar growing conditions without the additional levels of hilling. And you will probably get worse results with a tower if you do perform all that additional hilling, but growing conditions vary, and in some climates it might still work out for you. It is specifically the claim that towers are able to produce greater yields due to the production of more layers of tubers that is wrong. If you take that away, then a tower is just a planter and subject to all the pluses and minuses of growing potatoes in containers, which are very specific to climate.

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