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  • sol2 and std::embed with JeanHeyd Meneide

    Rob and Jason are joined by JeanHeyd Meneide to discuss the sol2 library and his proposal for std::embed. ThePhD — known in meatspace as JeanHeyd — is a Computer Science undergraduate at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering in Columbia University. They are currently working on Open Source C++ and C++ Standardization projects, as well as exploring graphics programming. They are currently dabbling with Haskell and Elm for fun, and are attempting to wrangle their biggest open source project — sol2 — into a newer, better version of itself. The nickname is a std::promise on their std::future. News Superconstructing super elider, Pt2 Matthew Butler’s C++Now 2018 Trip Report Ben Deane’s C++Now 2018 Trip Report A CPPNow Travel Guide Matt Godbolt’s C++Now Trip Report ThePHD’s C++Now (...)