• On Cybernetics / Stafford Beer

    C’est absolument fantastique parce qu’on apprend dans le détail comment grâce aux nationalisations il était devenu possible de résoudre des problèmes économiques qui demeurent insolubles à nos jours dans un système capitaliste libéral.

    Video made at the University of Manchester by Stafford Beer after the military coup in Chile in 1973. The video explains the fundamentals and unfinished objectives of the Cybersyn project. It was first exhibited in the context of the installation www.multinde-metagame.cl, thanks to the collaboration of Mr. Raul Espejo.

    Title: Stafford Beer on Cybernetics / Part 3, Cybernetic Praxis in Goverment
    Speaker: Stafford Beer
    Made by: Manchester Business School
    Date of completion: 24-5-74
    Length: 20:28 min.
    Original Format: U-Matic
    Management and translation: or_am

    #Chili #socialisme #économie #cybernétique #internet #histoire