• Wetherspoon, TGI Fridays and McDonalds staff join forces to strike in unprecedented day of action

    They are fighting for £10 an hour wages and union recognition


    Workers from two of the biggest chains in the UK will be striking in a national day of action for better working conditions and more pay.

    McDonald’s and JD Wetherspoon staff will join forces on 4 October to fight for £10 an hour wages and union recognition in several branches across London and Brighton, an unprecedented action in the fast food industry.

    As it stands, the minimum starting rate for bar staff at JD Wetherspoons over 18 is £8.05 an hour, while kitchen staff receive £8.25 an hour. They receive an extra 10p an hour after they pass their probation period.

    • IWW Couriers Network: Why We’re Striking on October 4th


      The IWW Courier Network has called for a UK-wide strike of food delivery couriers on October 4th. Cities confirmed to be taking part so far include London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Newcastle and Plymouth. Couriers in other cities are currently in discussion about joining the action.

      There are a lot of questions to be answered about the gig economy. Employment rights, job security, transparency. But for now, we’re focused on what matters most to the workers on the ground: Pay and safety.

      As it stands, cyclists, drivers, and scooter riders across the UK are delivering food with no guarantee of hitting at least national minimum wage. We can earn as low as £2.80 per delivery, with no guarantee of making enough deliveries in an hour to earn a decent living. And even national minimum wage, for a self-employed courier, wouldn’t pay enough to cover holidays, sickness, or vehicle maintenance.