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    After completing an Ubuntu automatic software update (15 Oct 2018) that included Thunderbird 60.2.1 the Lightning calendar is now missing. When I click on Thunderbird’s Add-On tab to see if there’s an update for Lightning I’m told that all the versions of Lightning available there are not compatible with the updated Thunderbird release. All my calendar data is no longer available to me - HELP!!
    Same here, on (Ubuntu based) Linux Mint 19. It seems to be a thunderbird issue but the update should not have been passed through when it breaks what many regard as core functionality.

    A solution is posted on the Linux Mint forums:

    I ran into this problem today in Mint 19 when Tbird 60.2.1 was installed through the Update Manager. Removing the Lightning add-on from Tbird and installing the “xul-ext-lightning” package allowed me to recreate my calendar and connect it to Google Calendar.

    So the solution is:

    remove the lightning add-on in Thunderbird;
    exit from Thunderbird;

    install xul-ext-lightning package with

    sudo apt install xul-ext-lightning

    (it will pull more packages in).
    restart Thunderbird.

    My previous settings had been retained and I did not need to recreate my calendar.

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