• Now with the continuous advancement of society, more and more products have been more accurately changed, and the cutting blades are also undergoing ultra-thin upgrades, so that they can be used properly in the upgrade of the machine, so we are doing this in this regard, Pay attention to the corresponding processing, in order to be more convenient in later use.
       1. When the grinding wheel is installed on the rotary test machine, the flange is fastened. The size of the flange gold shall be selected in accordance with Table 1^28.
    2. If the diameter of the wheel to be inspected is larger than the outer diameter of the spindle of the test machine, the flange with the sleeve is allowed.
    3. Multiple pieces of grinding wheel of the same outer diameter and diameter are allowed to be symmetrically mounted on both ends of the spindle at the same time on the same test machine, but the installation quantity shall not exceed the allowable installation thickness and weight specified by the test machine.
    4. Multiple turns at a time, each piece must be separated by a metal washer of the same size as the outer diameter of the flange. Flanges and metal washers must be flat and must not be deformed.
    5. If there are non-standard grinding wheels or grinding wheels not included in the flange size, the flange size used should be selected according to the adjacent larger outer diameter grinding wheel.
    6. The grinding wheel to be inspected should first perform the sound (sound strike) check. If the sound is normal, the machine can be installed for the swing test. If there is a dumb sound or the sound is not normal, the test may not be installed.
    7. When the grinding wheel is rotated, the speed increase can be directly increased to the required number of revolutions and maintained at a time of not less than 308.
    8. The radial runout of the test machine spindle should not exceed 0.030101. The direction of the spindle end thread should be opposite to the direction of the grinding wheel.
    9. For the grinding wheel that has passed the insurance period, the strength test should be carried out again.
    10. The rotation speed at the time of inspection is 1.6 times the maximum working speed.
    11. The grinding wheel that does not indicate the working line speed can only be used below the speed of 351^/8, and is used after the strength test according to the working speed of 351117.
    With the improvement of the grinding process, the requirements for the grinding load and strength of the ultra-thin resin cutting sheet are getting higher and higher. It has been developed from the past portable ultra-thin cutting machine and the hanging stainless steel cutting machine. High-speed heavy-duty steel billet grinding machine. The speed of ultra-thin cutting blades can reach 50m/s, and the load of ultra-thin resin cutting blades has grown from 3-50kg in the past to 1000kg today. Ultra-thin resin cutting sheets are widely used in many industries, especially in the long slotting process. With the love of ultra-thin concepts, ultra-thin Guiyang cutting films are increasingly popular with consumers. The current cutting sheet has a remarkable effect in cutting metal materials, and is particularly suitable for cutting, super hard alloy, tungsten steel, soft ferrite.