• Grinding processing application of resin grinding wheel

    The depressed grinding disc in stock is one of the widely used grinding tools. There are many kinds of grinding wheels. Different grinding wheels play different roles. Below we will introduce the grinding and grinding application of resin grinding wheels. Let’s take a look!

    1. Grinding cylindrical, conical and shoulder faces of shafts, sleeves and other types of parts on a cylindrical or universal grinding machine with a resin grinding wheel.
    2. Use the outer circumferential surface of the resin grinding wheel or the end surface of the grinding wheel, such as a bolt-fastened grinding wheel, an atmospheric hole grinding wheel, a slotted grinding wheel, a porous grinding wheel and a porous grooved grinding wheel, and a multi-purpose cup-shaped grinding wheel and a cylindrical grinding wheel end face, etc. The various straightness of the mechanical parts is subjected to surface grinding to meet the requirements of flatness, surface roughness and mutual positional accuracy between the planes.
    3. Using the outer circular surface of the resin grinding wheel or the resin grinding head, the inner circular grinding machine, the universal grinding machine or the special grinding machine, the through hole, the blind hole, the stepped hole, the tapered hole and the inner channel of the bearing, which have high surface quality requirements, etc. The parts are subjected to internal grinding.