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  • The big #DNS #Privacy Debate at #FOSDEM

    From the author:

    This weekend at the excellent FOSDEM gathering there were no less than three presentations on DNS over HTTPs. Daniel Stenberg presented a keynote session “DNS over HTTPS – the good, the bad and the ugly” (video), Vittorio Bertola discussed “The DoH Dilemma” while Daniel, Stéphane Bortzmeyer and I formed a DNS Privacy Panel expertly moderated by Jan-Piet Mens. I want to thank Daniel, Jan-Piet, Rudolf van der Berg, Stéphane & Vittorio for proofreading & improving this post, but I should add this does not imply an endorsement from anyone!

    In what follows, I will attempt to give a neutral description of what I think we learned, and where we now are on DoH, with a focus on the European perspective. If you find a noticeable bias, please let me know urgently and I’ll address it. But to be clear, I’m no fan of centralizing DNS on a small number of cloud providers.

    After the neutral description you will find some strong opinions on if “DNS over Cloud” is a good thing or not.