• Court filing links spy exposed by AP to Israel’s #Black_Cube

    Levitt says he was targeted because of his involvement in a long-running legal battle between two Canadian private equity firms, Catalyst Capital and West Face Capital. Previous media reports have hinted at a link between Almog-Assouline and Black Cube, but Levitt’s Feb. 21 claim before Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice is the first attempt to substantiate the connection by requesting receipts and surveillance footage.

    Black Cube has previously acknowledged doing work on the Catalyst case, which centers on allegations of stock market manipulation. In an email, Black Cube’s Canadian lawyer, John Adair, said he had no comment on Levitt’s filing. Almog-Assouline also didn’t immediately return messages Wednesday.

    Levitt made his claim after reading the AP’s account of how Almog-Assouline was caught trying to extract information from an employee of Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity research group, at the Peninsula Hotel in New York on Jan. 24. Levitt declined to comment for this article, but in his 115-page filing he said the photograph published by AP bore a powerful resemblance to a man he knew as Victor Petrov.

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