• Mozilla Webmaker Popcorn

    Mozilla Popcorn turns boring old online video into dynamic “hyper-video”, rich with interactivity and context. It lets you link the rest of the web directly to your video’s playback, pulling in social media, news feeds, data visualizations and other content in real time. Create your own pop-up videos, multimedia reports, guided web tours and more.

    An expanding ecosystem

    Popcorn is the core behind a growing number of sister projects and libraries. For example

    Seriously.js, a webGL effects library for video
    sequencer.js, a method for chaining multiple media objects to a single sequence
    Instapoppin, a user friendly approach to designing Popcorn user experience.
    butter.js, an API supporting our Popcorn Maker app and any other apps that use popcorn
    Popcorn Kernel, a simple web server for client-server popcorn experiences