Olivier Lange

Artisan-développeur et entrepreneur. Archives digitales, migration de données. Intéressé par la mémoire, les cartes de pensée, le dessin, le théâtre.

  • VerbNet — A Computational Lexical Resource for Verbs

    « VerbNet is a hierarchical domain-independent, broad-coverage verb lexicon with mappings to other lexical resources such as WordNet (Miller, 1990; Fellbaum, 1998), Xtag (XTAG Research Group, 2001), and FrameNet (Baker et al., 1998). VerbNet is organized into verb classes extending Levin (1993) classes through refinement and addition of subclasses to achieve syntactic and semantic coherence among members of a class. Each verb class in VN is completely described by thematic roles, selectional restrictions on the arguments, and frames consisting of a syntactic description and semantic predicates with a temporal function, in a manner similar to the event decomposition of Moens and Steedman (1988). »

    https://verbs.colorado.edu/verbnet #knowledge #graph #thesaurus #text #xml