“You know what I did? I left troops to take the oil. I took the oil. The only troops I have are taking the oil, they’re protecting the oil. I took over the oil.”

  • Censure au New York Times

    Voilà qui est proprement extravagant : le New York Times vient de tronçonner, sans que le lecteur en soit averti, toute la fin d’un article publié hier :

    J’avais, à l’instar d’Angry Arab, référencé cet article ici :

    Toute la fin de l’article a été purement et simplement supprimée de la version archivée en ligne. Ces paragraphes, que je notais hier, ont disparu :

    The commission said it had also received many reports of summary executions by antigovernment rebels, foreign fighters and people suspected of being informers or collaborators.

    A Free Syrian Army soldier told the panel that captured soldiers from the Alawite sect, from which Mr. Assad draws strong support, are usually executed immediately, while soldiers from other sects are given the option of joining the opposition.

    The commission drew attention to the plight of children caught in the conflict and the use of sexual violence against men, women and children, particularly by pro-government forces.

    Cette mention d’exactions commises par l’Armée syrienne libre (en assez faible nombre dans un rapport qui, en revanche, livre une longue liste d’exactions commises par le régime et ses partisans), ça semble trop pour le New York Times.

    Je cite donc le passage du rapport du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme de l’ONU qui est évoqué (censuré) dans l’article du Times :

    90. The CoI has received multiple reports of the extra-judicial executions of members of the army and security forces, Shabbiha, foreign fighters, suspected informers and/or collaborators, captured by anti-Government armed groups. Two such incidents occurred in Homs in April 2012. In corroborated statements taken from anti-Government fighters, the CoI recorded instances where members of Government forces perceived to have committed crimes – for example, by participating in the shelling of civilian areas – were executed on capture. A defector who fought in the ranks of Al Farouk Brigade, which is affiliated to the FSA, in Homs city stated that members of the Government forces, including those he claimed were three Iranian snipers, were summarily executed after they apparently confessed. One anti-Government armed group fighter also admitted that he and his associates had killed Government soldiers when the captives refused to join them.

    91. In June 2012 an FSA fighter told the CoI that his unit was currently holding four senior officers for exchange. Lower level soldiers were reportedly tried by a court applying Sharia law, according to the fighter. Multiple FSA soldiers interviewed told the CoI they had never heard of international humanitarian or human rights law. One soldier stated that he believed the creed “an eye for an eye”, which he described as being part of Sharia law, supersedes international standards. Another FSA soldier told the CoI that Alawite soldiers are normally killed immediately upon capture, while soldiers from other sects are offered the chance to join the FSA, and if they refuse to join, they are released to their relatives. Other soldiers have said Alawites are more valuable in prisoner exchanges, and can be traded for multiple Sunnis.

    92. One FSA member told the CoI that the number of “female informers” was on the rise. He insisted they were not raped when captured. They were, however, immediately executed.