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  • Man-made crisis: toxic masculinity drives climate change, ...

    From storms named after women that cause more damage because people prepare for them less to men who refuse to recycle because they think it looks girly, climate damage is riven with toxic masculinity, a new exhibition argues.

    Climate change is a man-made crisis in every sense, with male-dominated culture fuelling damaging behaviour while women and girls disproportionately pay the price, said the creative team behind the London-based art show.

    They hope to shed light on the issue with an exhibition responding to themes of gender and climate by 30 artists who are women or do not identify as male or female.

    “Climate change is sexist: it disproportionately affects women and girls precisely because they are already marginalised in our societies,” said Ashley Johnson, a member of Do The Green Thing, the environmental group which organised the show.

    “There’s gendered consequences, there’s gendered causes and there’s gendered solutions. We wanted to explore that as an idea and offer artists the chance to respond to it.”

    Experts say women and girls suffer more than men from the effects of climate change. According to the United Nations they account for 80 percent of those displaced as a result and their vulnerabilities are exposed during disasters.

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