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    The Future of the Map Isn’t a Map at All—It’s Information

    Rebecca J. Rosen - The Atlantic

    Jun 30 2012, 2:38 PM ET 15

    Google’s vision for geospatial information: “We don’t want a monoculture where there is just one map of the world. There never has been; there never will be.”

    Maps can be beautiful, interesting, and, of course, useful, but there are a lot of questions we address to maps — and these days, Google Maps specifically — that maybe a map isn’t the best tool for answering.

    Think of it this way. In the days before online trip planners and GPS, if you wanted to know how to get from point A to point B, you would look at a map and trace out a route. But these days few people would use a map that way (I still do just because I enjoy the process but I think I’m in the minority). Instead, they would plug in their request and an algorithm would spit out a route for them. The route would appear on the map, but the map is no longer the tool for finding that answer.

    • Your location is the current that makes Google’s giant geodata machine run. They’ve built this whole playground as an elaborate lure for you. As good and smart and useful as it is, good luck resisting taking the bait.