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    Boeing has found a willing partner in the #F.A.A., which allowed the company to circumvent standard #certification processes so it could sell aircraft more quickly. Boeing’s inadequate regard for safety and the F.A.A.’s complicity display an unconscionable lack of leadership at both organizations.


    The 737 Max of today — a 143-foot-long plane seating more than 230 people — is a very different aircraft from the humble 737 of the 1960s, [...] But the current regulatory system allows for significant modifications of an aircraft design without requiring a new certification review . Even though the new plane had different flight characteristics, larger engines and a new flight management system, no simulator training was required for pilots familiar with older model 737s, a marketing move designed by Boeing to increase sales. And the F.A.A. allowed this.

    Safety begins at the top, and the top at both Boeing and the F.A.A. has let us down. Boeing’s board must find out who has enabled and encouraged this corporate culture, and hold those leaders accountable, beginning with the chief executive, Dennis Muilenburg.

    But this is bigger than the Max 8. We now have an airline safety agency that has become less and less forceful in exercising its regulatory authority over an aircraft manufacturer, even one that appears to be aggressively prioritizing profits over safety.

    #complicité #criminalité_en_col_blanc

    • C’est pareil dans l’industrie automobile où la collusion du ministère de transport (Bundesverkehrsministerium) a permis aux producteurs allemands de faire passer des valeurs de pollution falsifiés. Les ingénieurs ont programmé des systèmes qui suivaient les ordres de leurs patrons qui croyaient pouvoir tromper le monde entier.

      #Volkswagen, #Opel, #Mercedes-Benz, #Porsche et tous les autres #producteurs_d_automobiles sont responsables pour des millions de victimes de la pollution. Ce n’est rien de nouveau dansune industrie qui a tout fait pour tuer les systèmes ferroviers plus surs et moins polluants afin mieux remplir les poches de leurs actionnaires.

      On a beaucoup parlé des entreprises allemandes (qui sont des multinationales en rélité), mais on trouve le même type de comportement dans tous les pays capitalistes, c.a.d. dans chaque pays qui produit des automobiles.

      Le #capitalisme tue.