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  • Secure Coding with Matt Butler

    Rob and Jason are joined by Matt Butler to discuss his perspective on the ISO Cologne meeting and Secure Coding. Matthew Butler is a security researcher who has been using C++ professionally since 1990. He has spent the past three decades as a systems architect and software engineer developing systems for network security, law enforcement and national defense. He primarily works in signals intelligence and security on platforms ranging from embedded micro-controllers to FPGAs to large-scale, real-time platforms. He is on the staff of both CppCon and C++Now as well as a member of the C++ Standards Committee. He spends most of his time in EWG, SG12 (Undefined Behavior and Vulnerabilities), SG14 (Low Latency) and, now, SG21 (Contracts). He is also a member of WG23 (Programming Language (...)