• CMA CGM Rules Out Northern Sea Route for its Fleet – gCaptain

    CMA CGM’s ultra-large containership CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery.
    Photo: CMA CGM

    CMA CGM has ruled out using the Northern Sea Route for trade between Asia and Europe despite it being navigable during much of the year due to climate change.

    The French shipping giant made the announcement on Friday citing the threats that large ships pose to the environment and the delicate Arctic ecosystem. CMA CGM said it will also give priority to the use of cleaner-burning liquified natural gas to power future ships, part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions from its fleet. The announcement comes ahead of the G7 meeting in Biarritz, France next week.

    The use of the Northern Sea Route will represent a significant danger to the unique natural ecosystems of this part of the world, mainly due to the numerous threats posed by accidents, oil pollution or collisions with marine wildlife,” the company said in a press release.

    CMA CGM’s Chairman and CEO, Rodolphe Saadé, made the decision that none of the company’s 500 vessels will use the Northern Sea Route along Siberia despite the “major competitive advantage” the route represents for shipping companies.