• Russian Su-35 jets allegedly prevented Israeli airstrikes on Syria

    The presence of Russia’s Su-35 jets allegedly prevented the Israeli Air Force from conducting airstrikes over southern Syria on Monday, the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported.

    According to the Avia.Pro report, the Russian Su-35S jets were urgently deployed to southern Syria to intercept an Israeli aircraft and prevent any strikes inside this region.

    The aviation publication said the Israeli Air Force was preparing to launch airstrikes over southern Syria in response to an alleged rocket attack that was conducted by the Iranian-backed forces in Damascus.

    “According to preliminary data, Russian fighters were able to prevent Israeli planes from striking southern Syria in response to an alleged rocket attack on Israeli territory,” the publication reported.

    “It is known that a few hours before the Syrian air defense systems were put on full alert in order to repel Israeli missile attacks, it was obviously the Russian Su-35s that were able to prevent the Israeli aircraft from carrying out the attack,” they said.

    Avia.Pro said this is not the first time that the Russian military was able to impede, as a previous incident was reported last month.

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