• Evidence Revealed That Corrupt Politicians Are Stealing Lebanon’s Petroleum

    Révélé par un expert du pétrole, Nicolas Sarkis, considéré comme fiable et intègre.

    Une administration pétrolière, la LPA, est créée et 6 pseudo-experts sont nommés :

    According to the petroleum expert, the majority of the current six members of the LPA have nothing to do with petroleum; they have no experience in the field and are not eligible to work in the administration or the domain of offshore resources as a whole.

    Like all public jobs in Lebanon, these six experts were chosen based on sects and religious denominations. The minister of power at the time of their employment handpicked the employees.

    Ensuite un « plan », en fait un crime extraordinairement criminel, avec la complicité assumée des « majors » pétroliers, dont #Total, donc de l’état français.

    ( Il faut signaler par contre le remarquable refus de l’ancien premier ministre Tamam Salam d’entériner ce « plan » )

    Le « plan » débute par un décret :

    “The state has no [participation] share in the first licensing round.”

    puis, en résumé :

    The details of the process are, briefly, as follows:

    A legitimate world-class operator company requests to work in Lebanon.

    The LPA approves the request on one condition: the operator must be accompanied by two non-operating (actually fake) companies that claim about 10% of the profit.

    To put it more clearly, some very well-known Lebanese politicians and able businessmen are putting their hands on Lebanon’s petroleum to take the industry’s billions of dollars of profit for themselves and depriving the Lebanese of their right to use it to revive their country’s disastrous economy.

    Lebanon’s petroleum has thus become split among the foreign operating companies that extract it on one hand, and the greedy politicians who only see that they get their 10% cut on the other.

    The aforementioned decree allows the Lebanese government to do one thing: Ask the foreign companies to accept the assignment of a Lebanese supervisor to keep an eye on the work in progress. The supervisor attends the companies’ meetings and accordingly files reports to the Minister of Energy and Water... What a marvelous achievement!

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