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  • Clang Hacking with Saar Raz

    Rob and Jason are joined by Saar Raz. They first discuss blog posts covering a new project management tool for C++ and another about improving Clang support for large integer arrays. Then they talk to Saar Raz about his work to add Concepts support to the Clang compiler. Saar Raz is a tech and C++ enthusiast from Israel, Saar programs in C++ mostly in his free time. In late 2017, he volunteered to implement C++20 Concepts in the Clang compiler, and has been working on that since, now in the process of merging the work into mainline clang. Other than C++ and tech, Saar also likes graphic design and playing video games. News A new decade a new tool Waiting for std::embed: Very large arrays in clang C++ Move Semantics Core C++: May 26-27, 2020 Links Clang Concepts Repo Compiler (...)