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  • Blackwater Pays Millions To Settle Arms Smuggling Charges

    Blackwater, a 15 year old North Carolina private security company, is best known for an incident when its employees gunned down 17 civilians in Nissour Square, Baghdad in September 2007.

    The company – which is now known as Academi - has agreed to pay the U.S. government $7.5 million to settle federal charges of arms smuggling and related crimes based on investigations into several incidents including the South Sudan and Jordanian cases. The ““Deferred Prosecution Agreement” allows the company to avoid going to court on the 17 charges if it can prove that it has changed its ways over the next 36 months.

    “This company clearly violated U.S. laws by exporting sensitive technical data and unauthorized defense services to a host of countries around the world,” says Brock Nicholson, the special agent in charge of U.S. Homeland Security Investigations Atlanta. “In doing so, company employees were frequently in possession of illegal firearms and aided other foreign nationals in the acquisition of illegal firearms.”

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