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  • Les migrations font désormais partie de l’ordinaire de la mondialisation. Penser les relations entre réseaux sociaux et migrations permet de repenser les trajectoires, les ressources et les compétences des migrants.
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    The complexity of contemporary migrations has fostered new studies to apprehend the various aspects and types of migrants, territorial moves, temporalities whether at the individual or collective level and the modalities of movement (circulation, settlement, going back, in transit…). In a globalized world, these changes brought about by increasing mobilities remain a complex issue for Nations-States. The latter are affected in their borders and identities in a political and territorial context which is growing tougher and endangering human lives.

    These transformations give rise to new types of social ties, sometimes reactivate former ones, foster new migrating strategies and new routes. Practices, representations diversify as well as the ways of appropriating the space, from the street and district of origin to the metropolis. The combination of these various scales helps better understand that these situations are vehicles for social changes (...)