Le projet e-traces aborde le Web 2.0 dans le contexte de l’instauration progressive d’une société de la surveillance.

  • Facebook witness : 9 ½ hours of “we don’t know”

    After more than 9 hours, the Vienna Regional Court for Civil Matters (LGfZRS) closed the oral hearing in the data protection case against Facebook. The judgement will be issued in writing within the next months. The witness of Facebook (Cecilia Alvarez) emphasized repeatedly that data protection on Facebook would be easy to understand – just to say that she did not understand what the platform does with the data whenever a concrete question was posed. If there was any answer, it was usually (...)

    #Facebook #[fr]Règlement_Général_sur_la_Protection_des_Données_(RGPD)[en]General_Data_Protection_Regulation_(GDPR)[nl]General_Data_Protection_Regulation_(GDPR) #BigData (...)

    ##[fr]Règlement_Général_sur_la_Protection_des_Données__RGPD_[en]General_Data_Protection_Regulation__GDPR_[nl]General_Data_Protection_Regulation__GDPR_ ##CJUE