• Gaza Diaries - The Polis Project, Inc

    I arrived in Gaza just as the cease fire had been declared and I had been immediately struck by how familiar it all seemed. The day before as I stood on the Egyptian border with Rafah and watched Israeli jets dropping their payload on buildings and tunnel construction sites I was unsure of my decision to proceed. I huddled along with journalists from most every newspaper in the world, and the writer Ahdaf Souief whom I met by coincidence. She was organising a food and medical aid convoy to send into Egypt, and as we waited for the border to open, we conversed about tea and the heat and the shame of

    the moment.

    My first trip to Gaza was in 2003. I then returned and continued to document the situation here, particularly in Rafah, Gaza, in 2004 and 2005. The settlers were still in Gaza then, and so were activists from the International Solidarity Movement, and the armoured bulldozers and their accompanying tanks that were constructing the massive steel wall along Rafah’s border with Egypt.