• Editor.js

    Un éditeur de texte pour appli web, structuré en mode « blocs » et avec une sortie en JSON (semblerait un bon candidat pour un éditeur moderne pour SPIP...)

    Key features:
    – It is a block-styled editor
    – It returns clean data output in JSON
    – Designed to be extendable and pluggable with a simple API

    What does it mean «block-styled editor»
    Workspace in classic editors is made of a single contenteditable element, used to create different HTML markups. Editor.js workspace consists of separate Blocks: paragraphs, headings, images, lists, quotes, etc. Each of them is an independent contenteditable element (or more complex structure) provided by Plugin and united by Editor’s Core.
    There are dozens of ready-to-use Blocks and the simple API for creation any Block you need. For example, you can implement Blocks for Tweets, Instagram posts, surveys and polls, CTA-buttons and even games.

    What does it mean clean data output
    Classic WYSIWYG-editors produce raw HTML-markup with both content data and content appearance. On the contrary, Editor.js outputs JSON object with data of each Block. You can see an example below
    Given data can be used as you want: render with HTML for Web clients, render natively for mobile apps, create markup for Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP, generate an audio version and so on.

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