• Le Parti démocratique italien pose des questions sur les ventes d’armes à l’Égypte, en liaison avec l’assassinat de Giulio Regeni


    After the controversy of recent days, the PD [Democratic Party] strikes another blow in the Regeni [university researcher abducted and found dead in Cairo in January 2016] case: At the request of Matteo Orfini, representing the left wing of the party, the PD pressed the government to demand answers from Egypt or put the sale of military supplies on hold. Whether this suspension concerns future ones or the one in progress, the much criticised sale of two frigates, it is (purposely) not clear: Between the Democrats - who clashed in the meeting of the party’s directorate until finally reaching a unanimous vote - and the government, which defends Egypt’s order of the military ships, the discussion is ongoing. But this is how things stand.

    [PD Secretary Nicola] Zingaretti took a step forward by giving his consent to a politically sensitive document, thus making a choice considered by the party’s left wing “not to be taken for granted and be appreciated.” However, Zingaretti reiterated the fact that giving up cooperation with Egypt will not bring out the truth about Giulio Regeni’s murder. “In Egypt,” says Zingaretti, closing the directorate’s meeting, “if Italy does not have a political or economic role, the Regeni case will be archived.”

    La Stampa, 26 juin