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  • The separatist map of Africa: interactive | World news |

    When African states gained independence, the continent’s new leaders agreed to respect the old colonial borders to avoid endless wars. But separatist movements still abound

    When looking at a map of Africa from less than a century ago, one can only be struck by the multiplication of States on the continent. And as they are the fruit of decolonization movements, borders are still highly disputed by various nationalist rebel groups. Indeed, South Sudan, the youngest Member State of the United Nations, only gained its independence after years of brutal war with the North. More recently, the MNLA, a Tuareg separatist group, proclaimed the independence of Azawad in North Malibut did not obtain the same international recognition. In fact, most of separatist movements in Africa do not result in secessions. This interactive Guardian map sheds light on 24 ongoing separatist movements that constitute a direct threat to the existence of African Nation-States as they exist today.

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