• Une femme tuée et une ambulance ciblée par les forces d’occupation à Jénine

    Jénine, le 7 août 2020, WAFA- Les forces d’occupation israéliennes ont tué tôt ce matin une femme palestinienne et ont visé une ambulance pendant leur incursion dans la ville de Jénine, au nord de la Cisjordanie occupée, d’après des sources locales.

    Les sources ont déclaré que les forces israéliennes ont fait irruption dans le quartier d’al-Jaberiyyat à Jénine, où elles ont interrogé et menacé de réarrêter un prisonnier libéré après avoir pénétré par effraction chez lui, ce qui a conduit au déclenché des affrontements, au cours desquels les soldats de l’occupation ont lancé les balles, les bombes sonores et lacrymogènes sur des jeunes Palestiniens.

    Le directeur de la Société du Croissant-Rouge palestinien, Mahmoud al-Sa’di, a confirmé que la fille de 23 ans, Dalia Ahmad Sulaiman Samoudy, avait été touchée à la poitrine par une balle tirée par les forces israéliennes alors qu’elle se trouvait dans sa maison pendant l’incursion.

    Il a ajouté que les forces avaient directement ouvert le feu sur une ambulance qui tentait d’atteindre et d’évacuer la victime de sa maison, avec deux balles pénétrant dans l’ambulance.


    • Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Woman In Her Home, In Jenin
      August 7, 2020 10:22 PM – IMEMC News

      Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday at dawn, the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and fired many live rounds, gas bombs and concussion grenades at Palestinians, protesting the invasion and killed one woman with a live round while she was in her home.

      The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that the woman was shot in the chest, before she was rushed to surgery at a hospital in Jenin, but succumbed to her serious wounds.

      It added that the Israeli bullets damaged the woman’s liver, pancreas, and the Aorta artery inflicting serious wounds that led to her death despite all attempts to save her life.

      She has been identified as Dalia Ahmad Suleiman Sammoudi , 34, a mother of two children, including a newborn, and the wife of the Imam of the Abdullah Azzam Mosque in Jenin refugee camp.

      The protests in the neighborhood started when the soldiers invaded the home of a former political prisoner, identified as Khaled Suleiman Abu Hasan, and interrogated him while ransacking the property.

      Many youngsters started hurling stones at the invading soldiers and their army vehicles, and the military fired a barrage of live rounds at random, in addition to dozens of gas bombs and concussion grenades. Many Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

      The Israeli army tried to justify the excessive use of force by claiming that some Palestinians fired live bullets at the soldiers, but the locals denied the allegation and confirmed that the protesters had no weapons, and only hurled stones and empty bottles at the invading army jeeps.

      The occupation army also claimed that it “entered” Jenin overnight to conduct arrests, and that the soldiers “only fire

      d sponge-tipped bullets and teargas to disperse the protesters.”

      The family of the slain woman said she woke up to feed her hungry child, and tried to close a window to prevent the smell of the gas bombs from seeping into her home before she was shot with a live round in the chest.

      A Palestinian ambulance rushed to the scene, but the soldiers fired several live rounds at it, delaying its arrival at the home of the seriously wounded woman.

      On Friday evening, hundreds of Palestinians participated in the funeral procession of the slain mother, starting in front of Khalil Suleiman Governmental hospital, heading to her home in the al-Jabriyyat area in Jenin city, before holding the funeral ceremony at the local mosque, and then buried her body in the graveyard of Jenin refugee camp.

    • In Latest IOF Murder Woman Killed, Ambulance Damaged and 7 Civilians, including 2 Paramedics, Wounded in Jenin and Ramallah
      09 August 2020 – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

      (...) According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 02:30 on Friday, IOF moved into al-Jabriyat neighborhood, southwest of Jenin, northern West Bank. They surrounded Khaled Suliman Abu Hasan’s house near al-Riyad School. IOF interrogated Abu Hasan inside his house until 04:00. Five minutes later, while Israeli military vehicles were preparing to withdraw, IOF fired a sound bomb and several live bullets at Bassam Samodi’s 3-storey house. As a result, Samodi’s wife, Dalia Ahmed Suliman Stiti (24), was injured and shot with a live bullet in her chest, penetrating her liver, pancreas, and aorta. Stiti’s family said to PCHR’s fieldworker that their daughter Dalia, a mother of two (9-month, 2 years), woke up after hearing IOF’s incursion into the village. She headed towards the living room’s window to close it after IOF fired a sound bomb. In the meantime, IOF stationed on the street, 50 meters away from Stiti’s house, opened fire at her on her 3rd floor apartment, wounding her in the chest. Stiti walked several steps and then fell to the living room floor in a pool of her blood. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS)’s crew, who were in the area to rescue the injuries, immediately arrived at the house and took Stiti to Dr. Khalil Suliman Hospital. Stiti was admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU), due to her critical health condition and she was pronounced dead at 14:30. (...)