• ‘Death is Everywhere’: Millions More Uyghurs Missing – Byline Times

    “For example, a lot of media says up to or more than one million Uyghur are detained, but they have been using this number since Human Rights Watch published an article on 15 January 2018,” he says. “This is two-and-a-half years ago, but the international media still says up to or more than one million.”

    “The Chinese Government has since moved towards carrying out the equivalent of a Final Solution on Uyghurs,” Sidick adds, referencing Nazi Germany’s policy of Jewish extermination.

    A Government official in Xinjiang recently told Sidick that, in his county, where there was once a population of 92,000 Uyghur people in 2016, there remain only 20,000 today. More than 80% of the population has disappeared in four years.
    “The Uyghur population is mostly concentrated in the Kashgar, Hotan and Aksu areas,” says Sidick. “Recent visitors to the areas told us that you cannot find Uyghur people. Not on the street, not in the city and not in the farms. In many cases where you actually find a Uyghur couple on the street, you find it’s a Uyghur girl who married [by force] a Han Chinese man. And sometimes they have a child.”