• New Israeli Legislation to Criminalize Anti Occupation Human Rights Work
    14 October 2020 | Addameer

    (...) In their preliminary explanation, MKs argue that the definition of foreign state in the penal law is archaic and does not meet the characters of the shifting international landscape which Israel has to confront."New actors have joined the international arena such as the Palestinian Authority)which is not a state nor is it defined as a terrorist organization), the European Union (which is not a state), and other international actors and corporations which represent foreign states or serve as their proxies."

    The potential broadening of the definition of a foreign state and adopting the definition of the Organizations’ Law as part of the Penal Law’s terminology is a clear manifestation of the increasingly shrinking space in which human rights organizations are trapped. It explicitly targets , as stressed in the explanatory notes, organizations that cooperate with or receive support from the EU and the PA. It seeks to further curtail the work of human rights organizations through portraying our work as contacts with foreign entities. (...)