• Ranking the effectiveness of worldwide COVID-19 government interventions | Nature Human Behaviour

    Assessing the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is critical to inform future preparedness response plans. Here we quantify the impact of 6,068 hierarchically coded NPIs implemented in 79 territories on the effective reproduction number, Rt, of COVID-19. We propose a modelling approach that combines four computational techniques merging statistical, inference and artificial intelligence tools. We validate our findings with two external datasets recording 42,151 additional NPIs from 226 countries. Our results indicate that a suitable combination of NPIs is necessary to curb the spread of the virus. Less disruptive and costly NPIs can be as effective as more intrusive, drastic, ones (for example, a national lockdown). Using country-specific ‘what-if’ scenarios, we assess how the effectiveness of NPIs depends on the local context such as timing of their adoption, opening the way for forecasting the effectiveness of future interventions.

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      Small gathering cancellation
      Closure of educational institutions
      Border restriction
      Increase availability of PPE
      Individual movement restrictions
      National lockdown
      Mass gathering cancellation
      Educate and actively communicate with the public
      The government provides assistance to vulnerable populations
      Actively communicate with managers
      Measures for special populations
      Increase in healthcare workforce
      Activate or establish emergency response
      Enhance detection system
      Increase in medical supplies and equipment
      Police and army interventions
      Travel alert and warning
      Public transport restriction
      Actively communicate with healthcare professionals
      Airport restriction
      Crisis management plans
      Increase in patient capacity
      Adapt procedures for patient management
      Special measures for certain establishments
      Personal protective measures
      Tracing and tracking
      Border health check
      Cordon sanitaire
      Port and ship restriction
      Work safety protocols
      Isolation of cases
      Repurpose hospitals
      Environmental cleaning and disinfection
      Measures to ensure security of supply
      Return operation of nationals
      Provide international help
      Restricted testing
      Activate case notification
      Airport health check
      Measures for public transport
      Increase in isolation and quarantine facilities
      Enhance laboratory testing capacity
      Receive international help