• Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Man In Jerusalem
    Nov 26, 2020 – – IMEMC News

    Israeli soldiers killed, on Wednesday evening, a Palestinian man while driving through the Za’im military roadblock, east of occupied Jerusalem. The army claimed the man tried to ram the soldiers with his vehicle.

    The Palestinian, identified as Nour Jamal Shqeir , 37, was moved to Hadassah Israeli medical center in Jerusalem, apparently suffering multiple gunshot wounds in the abdomen area, and died from his serious injuries.

    After his death, the soldiers summoned his father and brothers for interrogation at the al-Maskobiyya facility in West Jerusalem.

    The Israeli army claimed the man attempted to ram the soldiers with his vehicle at the roadblock, an allegation that was vehemently denied by his family.

    His brother said Nour works in transportation, and due to the nature of his job, he has to cross through various military roadblocks.

    Attorney Mohammad Mahmoud of Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said the army is still refusing to transfer Nour’s body back to his family.

    He added that the police interrogated Nour’s father, along with his two brothers.

    Jamal, the father, told Silwanic that he and his sons headed to Za’im military roadblock after hearing the news about the shooting, and parked his vehicle on the other side of the terminal after the soldiers refused to allow them to cross.

    “I saw videos of the incident, and I could see my son’s vehicle after various videos were posted on social media networks,” he said, “However, we were met by dozens of soldiers, intelligence officers, who ordered us to leave, and that is when I saw my son’s vehicle riddled with bullets, just meters away from the roadblock.”

    “Israeli intelligence officers inspected my ID card, and that of my son, Yahia, before they abducted him,” Jamal stated, “I was then ordered to head to al-Maskobiyya for interrogation, and after heading there, they refused to give me any information about Nour.”

    The father and his two sons were separately interrogated for several hours, before they were released.

    After the fatal shooting, the soldiers invaded Silwan, and closed Wadi ar-Rababa neighborhood in Silwan, and closed the entire area.


    • Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians During Funeral Of Slain Man
      Nov 30, 2020

      Israeli soldiers abducted, late on Sunday at night, five young Palestinian men in occupied Jerusalem, during the funeral ceremony of a slain man, identified as Nour Jamal Shqeir, 37, who was killed by the army this past Wednesday.

      The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported that the soldiers fired many concussion grenades and gas bombs at the Palestinians when they marched in the Suwwana neighborhood, and prevented them from reaching Bab ar-Rahma graveyard.

      Silwanic added that the soldiers also abducted Ehab Shqeir, Abed Shqeir, Maher Siyam, Hammouda Siyam and Ahmad Siyam.

      It also said that dozens of soldiers and police officers were deployed in Jerusalem, especially on roads and alleys leading to Bab ar-Rahma, in addition to installing a roadblock near Bab al-Asbat, before preventing the Palestinians from crossing.(...)