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    Jamais le nombre de patients hospitalisés à cause du Covid-19 n’avait été aussi important aux Etats-Unis. Depuis mercredi, ils sont désormais plus de 100 000, 100 226 très exactement selon le Covid Tracking Project, un projet collaboratif de suivi de l’épidémie lancé en mars par deux journalistes et un scientifique américains. Le pays, qui demeure le plus touché au monde par la pandémie en valeur absolue, a également enregistré mercredi plus de 2 700 décès liés au virus, selon les chiffres de l’université américaine Johns Hopkins, qui font référence. Un niveau quotidien qu’il n’avait pas connu depuis le mois d’avril et qui porte désormais le bilan total à plus de 273 000 morts.


    • Avec des soignants épuisés, démoralisés, désespérés et à la fois sous-équipés et trop peu nombreux,

      U.S. Covid hospitalizations top 100,000, an ’unfathomable’ milestone

      ...she’s heard from colleagues elsewhere of dire situations, where health workers have to ration care, like in “low-income countries.” Ranney said her time training in East Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer helped her prepare for the current crisis.

      “I witnessed decisions being made about patients being put on ventilators that I never thought I would experience in the United States,” she said.


      “We’re all on edge. We made it through the first week in the spring, and it is frustrating and exhausting to be going through this again,” Ranney said. “It feels sometimes hopeless. ... And it feels even more hopeless because we don’t see any sign of the surge stopping.”


      “This is a surge with no staff,” she said. “This is widespread, and it’s happening all at the same time, and everybody’s getting hit simultaneously. Before, we were able to share resources and assets, whether it’s staffing, whether it’s supplies, whether it’s the bed space, but now that’s something that is a luxury.”

      Hospitalizations aren’t rising as rapidly in New York City as they did in the spring, Madad said, but hospital systems across the state are preparing for a potential surge. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that the state is implementing emergency measures to help hospitals cope with what he called “a new phase in the war against Covid.”

      One of these measures is the identification of retired nurses and doctors in case their service is needed as hospitals fill up.

      “You can add as many beds as you want, but if you have nobody to man those beds and actually be able to provide patient care, then that is absolutely useless,” she said. “Staffed beds are everything. Beds by itself are nothing.”

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