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  • Opinion | Facebook’s Tone-Deaf Attack on Apple - The New York Times

    Casting itself as the protector of small businesses in full-page ads in — irony alert — big newspapers, Facebook is criticizing Apple for planning to give users of its popular devices like the iPhone more control over the data they share with third-party apps.

    Starting next year, Apple will ask mobile users to “opt in” to accept third-party tracking of their digital activity (right now, the system defaults to tracking and requires users to “opt out” if they don’t want to be followed). Facebook relies on tracking to target ads at customers.

    Facebook declared in the newspaper ads that it was “standing up to Apple” and warned that such a change will be the ruin of small businesses.

    More like the ruin of Facebook. The company is terrified that giving users single-click power to control their own information will force people to realize just how loud is the data-sucking sound coming from Facebook’s app.

    Whatever, boys. But the cracks we are seeing this week are the most significant — and could spell trouble for both companies. Apple, pointing out Facebook’s data gluttony, and Facebook, in turn, noting Apple’s hegemony over mobile, make one thing clear: These tech companies have too much power. And no matter how you slice it, they are all in dire need of government regulation.

    This approach most likely has a lot to do with Mr. Zuckerberg’s enormous success at a very young age and the confidence that came with pushing ahead when others doubted him. It does not take a psychologist to understand that he believes might makes right.

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