• Assessment of Day-7 Postexposure Testing of Asymptomatic Contacts of #COVID-19 Patients to Evaluate Early Release from Quarantine — Vermont, May–November 2020 | MMWR

    Seulement 3% des sujets contact ont eu un #PCR #sars-cov2 positif à J7,

    1,26% des sujets #contact #asymptomatiques étaient positifs à J7

    Aucun des négatifs à J7 ne s’est déclaré positif dans les 7 jours suivant.

    977 (44.9%) of these contacts had a specimen collected for testing on day 7. Among these, 34 (3%) had test results that were positive, 940 (96%) had results that were negative, and three (<1%) had results that were indeterminate (Table). Among the 34 contacts who received a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR test result on day 7 after exposure, 12 (35%) were asymptomatic. The remaining 22 contacts with positive test results were symptomatic at the time of testing; approximately one half had developed symptoms on days 4–7 after exposure. Among the 940 contacts who received negative test results on specimens collected on day 7 after exposure, 154 (16%) had a subsequent test within the next 7 days (i.e., days 8–14); among these, 152 (99%) had tests that remained negative, and two (1%) had results that were indeterminate.