• Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages (or any static file hoster) - Apr 17, 2021

    I was writing a tiny website to display statistics of how much sponsored content a Youtube creator has over time when I noticed that I often write a small tool as a website that queries some data from a database and then displays it in a graph, a table, or similar. But if you want to use a database, you either need to write a backend (which you then need to host and maintain forever) or download the whole dataset into the browser (which is not so great when the dataset is more than 10MB).

    In the past when I’ve used a backend server for these small side projects at some point some external API goes down or a key expires or I forget about the backend and stop paying for whatever VPS it was on. Then when I revisit it years later, I’m annoyed that it’s gone and curse myself for relying on an external service - or on myself caring over a longer period of time.

    Hosting a static website is much easier than a “real” server - there’s many free and reliable options (like GitHub, GitLab Pages, Netlify, etc), and it scales to basically infinity without any effort.

    So I wrote a tool to be able to use a real SQL database in a statically hosted website. Here’s a demo using the World Development Indicators dataset - a dataset with 6 tables and over 8 million rows (670 MiByte total).


    – article https://github.com/phiresky/sql.js-httpvfs
    – lib https://phiresky.github.io/blog/2021/hosting-sqlite-databases-on-github-pages

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